What can you do to help your car run better?


Every person owning a car, a boy or a girl, a man or a woman should know what makes that car go, understand the mechanics inside of it at least, and if possible – some basic knowledge about repairs is desirable as you never know when you will need it. But you don’t have to be an expert on cars in order to save money and cut your loses when it comes to your metal pet, there are simple tricks you need to know that can do wanders! So read on!

how-to-check-your-oil-4.WidePlayerOil level – oil in your car is used to make moving metal parts move better and reduce friction, making your engine and the rest of the mechanics run smoother, faster and diminish the chance of a breakdown. It will both allow you to run a better machine as well as save you money on expensive engine repairs. And all you need to do is lift the hub and check the oil level on that thin stick next to your engine.

139691723_checking_oil_carFluid level – fluid in your cooling system is what prevents your engine from overheating, so keeping it leveled with water and cooling liquid is important if you want to keep on driving. Adding antifreeze to the mix also helps during the cold months by preventing the liquid to freeze and damage the cooler.

Air filter – this guy is everything that stands between you and the open road when you are driving and, 4d77eeb50a0d028a01429498793552cfnaturally, breathing. Replace it at least once a year and improve the quality of your life while you are in the car. Mostly, your repair man will do it for you together with an oil change, but you can do it yourself rather easy.

Paint – keep your car looking nice, and it will behave nice. Don’t forget to take car of your car’s body and paint. Treat your car to car originalcleaning whenever it is needed. Even in the cleanest environment there is a lot of dust gathering on your car, and it can cause all kinds of troubles. Mud and water can cling onto your car and make it rusty, so be sure to wash the car whenever you come across the mud. In winter, be extra careful as the salt that is dispersed on the road to stop the ice from blocking the road can do harm to your car’s body. It will eat the paint and into the metal, corroding it and making it easy to chip away and break.

cleaning-windshield-SitWheelsGlass – keep your windscreen and other glass surfaces clean and intact. Little rocks and dust can be a bad thing when you are driving fast. They should not be a problem, but sometimes they can scratch the glass and make a crack in it. In case of something like that happening fix the crack if possible and if not contact your insurance to see if they cover the cost.